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Suite 8, Level 2
517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
Vic, Australia




+61 433 138 168


See how Grand Canal works for you

In the fluid and dynamic environment that defines software development, here at Grand Canal, we expect change, we cater for change and we thrive on change.

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Business ready

As much as we like to explore the possibilities of ideas, we understand the importance of a sound business case. From specialized financial modelling applications to niche market eCommerce mobile apps, we will have the "Business Ready" solution suited to your needs

Open and transparent

There is nothing more fustrating than the lack of meangingful communication! This will not be the case when you're dealing with us. From fees to progress on your project, you will not be left wondering where you're at.

Customised features

We are not a factory. You will be able to choose your colour, other than black! Different jobs requires different tools. Here at Grand Canal, we have a plethora of tools. Let's explore together, how we may best utilise them to work for you!

Full IT support

Delivery is not the endpoint of our relationship. In a lot of cases, it is just the beginning. We put as much effort in maintaining what we have developed, as the initial stages. And there's no greater satisfaction than seeing your work appreciated through positive feedback from its end users.

From specialized financial modelling applications to niche market eCommerce mobile apps, we will have the "Business Ready" solution... Make it yours!

Generating ideas

Big things start with a simple idea. We are as excited as you are to be part of this initial and very crucial stage of the development process. Exploring options, defining what's possible, and fine-tuning what's practically achieveable are the first steps of any planning process.

Creating the model

A quick turn-around for a working model is what you need to gather feedback from different users groups, or even garner support from potential financial stakeholders. In a short timeframe, we can produce a demo that users can play around with.

Designing and Coding

Deal with people who actually writes the code. Communicate your design concepts and changes directly to the person who is implementing them. Our local team of developers are quick to respond, and always accessible throughout the development process.

Launching and Monitoring

With a well planned campaign strategy and a helpful customer support team, the success of what began as a simple idea, is assured.

Our company

2014 was a good year for a Melbourne up-start, bred amongst the coffee lanes that stood for quality assurance and development independence.
Responding to needs of professional requirements from predominantly the financial and legal industries, Grand Canal produced cost-effective, secure and intelligent software that enabled massive productivity gains from our clients.

Our expertise

For maximum reach, the web is your best option. From eCommerce shopping sites, to customised dashboards with secure user access, we have the tools to meet your needs.

For maximum productivity, nothing replaces the full screen real estate that a desktop computer can offer. Deployed locally or via the company intranet, unleash the full processing power of modern workstations.

Instant access at your finger-tips. Smartphones have penetrated into our everday lives like never before. Develop for the Apple iOS or Android. Increase productivity even further by incorporating mobile apps into your strategy.

Divide and Conquer

Big Tasks that often overwhelm, are much more manageable once broken up into small projects.
— problem solving algorithm

Our Technologies